We Believe..

In a sustainable fashion industry! 

The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters on our planet! From the materials used to make clothes, dyes used for colouring and the working conditions for manufacturers. 

In the UK we send 330,000 tonnes of clothing into landfill each year, thats not including other textiles such as cushions and curtains etc. This, to us, is a disaster! 

There's no single way to solve this issue, this is something which should be tackled from multiple angles. 

Buy pre-loved. We love vintage and retro. Always on trend, and no-one else will ever be wearing the same as you, EVER!  Buying vintage helps reduce that amount of waste heading to landfill, this can only be a good thing! 

Although reducing the waste we generate is amazing, unfortunately a lot of already manufactured clothing is made from synthetic materials such as polyester. These materials generate millions of micro plastic particles when laundered. Organic cotton, hemp and bamboo clothing is a way in which we can help manage this. All these materials are natural and biodegradable, causing little harm to the environment. Our cotton T-shirts are organic and therefore use less water to produce, they do not pollute our oceans with plastic and no awful chemicals leach into our water systems...WIN WIN! 

We Believe in...

Protecting our soils! 

Much of the pollution in our oceans begin on land. One of those polluters is our soil and what we put in to it.

Today's industries use harmful chemicals and fertilisers on their crops. This is normal practice, but causes all sorts of damage to our environment.. These chemicals can effect the natural bacteria in our soils which help keep our soils nourished and help to naturally protect our vegetation.

Additionally, when the rain comes, these chemicals leech in to our oceans causing dead zones and negatively effecting fragile ecosystems. 

We believe that organic consumerism should be the norm, this is why all of our body and skin care products use only organic ingredients. Ensuring we help protect our planet and our bodies. 

We believe in...

A plastic free society!

Thanks to programs such as Blue Planet 2, our plastic problem is well documented and publicised. The damage we are causing from the improper disposal of plastics is unfathomable. Not only are plastics harming our oceans, wildlife and entering the food chain, plastic pollution is now thought to be directly contributing to global warming due to the chemicals which are released during the process of plastic breakdown. 

For us, this is an unnecessary problem, but one which can only be solved from a consumer level. We, as consumers, have the power to dictate with our purchasing habits. The more we spend on plastics, the more will be produced. Opting for alternatives, sends a clear message to manufacturers and helps reduce the amount going to waste every day! 

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