Mutiny - About Us


Mutiny Shaving was formed as a rebellion against the corporate Goliath’s currently dominating the shaving industry. These companies charge extortionate prices for over designed razors that you don’t need and are non recyclable. Billions of these razors and cartridges end in landfill every year!

The shaving foams and creams marketed at us contain harmful chemicals such as methyl propane, Propolene glycol (also used in antifreeze and brake fluid), Triethanolamine, and Sodium Laurel Sulphate to name only a few.  These dry your skin out as well as having potentially much more serious side effects. We put limonene in our soap.  It comes from orange peel. We also use some aloe vera and lemongrass.

We want everyone to join us in rejecting disposable plastic razors and supporting artisan shaving companies.

As an Ecofriendly, vegan company, our aim is to never use animal based products, never use plastic in our packaging, use recyclable products and donate a percentage of our profit to various environmental organisations to ensure we are a zero-carbon company.


We believe that the Mutiny Shaving experience provides an outstanding shave which is better for your skin, better for your wallet and most importantly, better for the planet.

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