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Why Low Fell

Open house officially opened its doors back in June 2018.

We've had a huge love of vintage fashion for as long as we can remember and opening a store to showcase this has been on our agenda for a long time!

We spent a long time searching for the right property, in the right location. Eventually, after three years, we found a spot on Durham Road, Low Fell.

Low Fell is well known for its natural beauty. Form the award winning Saltwell Park, historic buildings and towering trees which have been around for longer than many of the local residents.

As well as exhibiting amazing beauty, Low Fell is home to a small but popular high street, home to a number of local businesses.

Low Fell has a number of charity shops which we believed complimented our vintage fashions rather well. The sustainability of this is great and we always like to encourage others to support charity shops.

Along with the charity shops are a number of fruit/vegetable stores and butchers. All of which allow you to take your own containers or bags to fill with whatever produce you need. Obviously, plastic waste is something we're passionate about so in the knowledge that businesses local to ours have similar mind sets, we couldn't have been happier.

These food businesses also supply a number of restaurants and cafes on "The Fell" which helps reduce transportation needs, cutting down CO2 emissions and supporting a local economy.

There is also a small store which sells artisan beers, wines and spirits. They even have their own brand (Steampunk) which is brewed locally within the Team Valley. Again, this reducing CO2 emissions in transportation.

You see, for us, having all these businesses around ours which run with little impact on the environment sealed the deal!

We officially opened in June with an amazing response from locals. Building great relationships and helping advise customers interested and willing to make a change!

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504 Durham Road, Low Fell Gateshead  NE9 6HU